About us

Hello, we’re Close, a unique parenting brand who love to create good ideas for great parents.

Home is in happy Welwyn Garden City, where we’ve made it our daily mission to celebrate baby wearing, changing bums and creating simple ideas for mums & dads who share our appreciation for wonderful materials, simple parenting and good ideas.

It all started back in 2004, two mums got together; one with a passion for baby wearing and the other a love of cloth bottoms. Close has since established itself as a great British parenting brand, lucky enough to win a few awards and many loyal fans both home and abroad along the way

Like all brands we needed some good fortune and in 2007, the original version of our Caboo Carrier featured in the Channel 4 series “Bringing Up Baby”, just before we launched “Pop-in” nappies to a happy hubbub of approval.

In 2011 we mixed it up a little when we rebranded, from ‘Close Parent’, to just Close. We invested in new materials to expand our Caboo range and put some fabulous prints onto our all things Pop-in. That same year saw the launch of a multitude of good ideas to make parenting easier from ‘magic’ bibs to car seat protectors. We also embraced the wants of Dad with the launch of Cocoon and Caboo DX; the daddy of soft carriers because we believe that great baby-wearing shouldn’t be exclusively for Mum. The highlight of the year was to be awarded an accolade by Which? who recognised Caboo carrier +organic, as the UK’s premier soft carrier and the only soft carrier to date to be awarded Best Buy status*

Fast forward a few years, and we were hand picked by the UK’s biggest Parenting charity NCT (National Childbirth Trust) to collaborate on the exclusive, affordable Caboo NCT, which has quickly become a best seller around the globe. More recently Caboo DX has evolved to become a new stylish 3 in 1 hybrid carrier (our first front to back carrier) with some clever thermo regulating properties, better support, fit and function. This year we will compliment the Caboo range even further with Caboo DXgo, an ultra compact front & rear facing carrier. It provides our Close parents with a Caboo experience for the next step of their carrying journey, beyond independence. Alongside this we’ve been busy shaping some inspired new print stories and few more good ideas to make life a little easier for all our lovely Close parents.

We have always appreciated the concerns of parents regarding the world your little one will grow up in, alongside the pressures and need to manage a family budget. As a result, we believe in making things that are durable, built to last and clearly communicated, so you can make the right choices for you and your little nipper, today, tomorrow and everyday…

We also try to make things which are inspired, sensitively made and impact appropriately to the environment. We not only consider the environment they are made in but also the environment they occupy throughout their lifecycle.

Above everything else, we believe in Close common sense… just like you.

We have had a blast along the way and if you find something you like today we hope you enjoy using it as much as we have making it.