Pop-in Info


Over the years many parents have chosen to just Pop-in, rather than throw away. Pop-ins are as comfortable on newborns as they are on nippers, and bridge the journey from first nappy to potty training. The benefits of reusable nappies are threefold; economy, ecology and well being. 


By using reusable nappies you can help divert thousands of disposables from the local ecosystem which is no small thing! Reusable nappies are 40%* better for the world we live in even considering the washing process (*source LCA report 2008).


We know from experience how budgets soon grow when you become a parent, so we think of reusables as an investment, which make the first few years a little easier on the pocket. 
On average, reusable nappies can save over £500 in the birth to potty stage (WEN study 2008), compared with disposable solutions…even considering the usage of water, electricity and detergents!

Well Being

There is lots of information available on some of the chemicals contained in modern disposable nappies but we believe given the choice most babies would prefer to have soft breathable fabrics (dyed and processed to oekotex standards) next to their bottoms. What would you choose for yourself?