Pop-In FAQs

Having trouble with your Pop-ins? Hopefully our handy troubleshooting guide should be able to help! 

But if you're still finding you're struggling, don't be shy and drop an email to amanda@closeparent.com and she'll be happy to help with any problems or queries you might have! 

 How many nappies do I need?

 How long do Pop-in nappies last?

 It’s all about the sizing…

 My baby’s too small for the night time booster but I still want to use the Pop-in at night?

 I’m having problems with the Bamboo nappy leaking...

 I’m having problems with the Minkee nappy leaking...

 How many Pop-ins per load?

 Which detergent should I use?

 Should I strip wash my nappies?

 How long do the nappies take to dry?

 Can I tumble dry my Pop-ins?

 My nappies still smell after washing them!

 My nappies are a bit crunchy after laundering?

 What should I do if my baby has thrush?

 I’m having problems with the velcro not sticking…

 I’ve used Pop-ins on my first child but now on my second child I’m getting leaks!