Pop-in Reusable Nappy Instructions

How many do I need?

The number of Pop-ins you need depends on whether you are going to use them full time, part time or occasionally and on how often you are going to wash the nappies.

FULL TIME - If you are going to pop-in full-time we think you will need 20 nappies and 6 night-time boosters.

PART TIME - If you are going to pop-in part-time we think you will need 10 nappies and 3 night-time boosters.

OCCASIONAL USE - If you are going to pop-in occasionally we think you will need 5 nappies and 1 night-time booster.


How do I wash my Pop-ins? 

Which detergent should I use? Which chemicals should I avoid?

Using the wrong detergents may shorten the lifespan of your nappy and will affect your guarantee. Always use non-bio detergents and check the ingredients

  • Never use biological detergents, fabric softeners or dryer sheets, bleaching agents, enzymes or brighteners on your Pop-ins (*most soaking solutions contain one or more of these).
  • Avoid using products containing vinegar or high quantities of citric acid or bicarbonate of soda (this is mainly important for bamboo nappies).
  • Only use 3/4 of the recommended washing detergent when washing to avoid high product build-up.

How can I treat stains and keep my nappy smelling fresh?

Most stain removers contain optical brighteners and bleaching agents: which are not good for your nappies.

A cold rinse before every wash help keeps nappies fresh and prevents stains from setting. If your nappies do become stained try rubbing your usual non-bio liquid into the nappy or you can try the Eco stain remover. If possible let your pop-ins dry outside as the sun will help bleach the stain, even in winter.

How many Pop-ins per load ?

Make sure your Pop-ins have plenty of room when washing. 15 nappies is the maximum recommended load depending on your drum size….

Can I tumble dry my Pop-ins?

Never tumble your outershell or leave it in contact with direct heat (such as a hot radiator) for extended periods. You can only tumble dry the inner parts, so separate the soaker and booster from the outershell and tumble dry on a low heat for just 10mins. It help revitalise the fibres keeping them nice and soft. We only recommend tumble drying infrequently to maximise the lifespan of the product.


From first nappy to potty training the new generation Pop-in goes even further towards perfecting the birth to potty sizing offering even greater flexibility at the waist and legs as baby grows. Pop-in’s use cleverly positioned poppers so parents can easily adjust the size of the nappy as baby grows.

Pop-ins are designed to fit most babies from birth through to potty training, the chart is intended as a guide only as all babies are different shapes and sizes, the maximum waist size of the Pop-in is 56-57 cm. You choose the nappy setting that most closely fits around your baby’s legs for maximum containment. Do remember…you may find that your little one quickly progresses through the size settings faster than you anticipate, they may even be on the largest setting at night by 6-8 months, but don’t panic they will soon be mobile and their body shape will then change!