HERTS Reusable Nappies scheme

If you live in Hertfordshire (like us!) and look after children in nappies, it’s easy to apply for 15% off nappies, accessories, breast pads and wipes at Close Parent in our WasteAware discount scheme, partnering with Hertfordshire Waste Partnership who represent the 11 Councils across Hertfordshire. If you’re a Hertfordshire resident, simply visit the Herts Reusable Nappies pages and complete the application form to apply for access to these discounts. https://www.wasteaware.org.uk/ReusableNappies

Don’t live in Herts? Sorry but this scheme is exclusive to Hertfordshire residents. Check to see if your council offers a nappy incentive http://www.nappyalliance.co.uk/nappy-schemes/.

You can also browse our fantastic products and any special offers on our pages. 

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