Closer steps towards sustainability

Materials matter to us…

With a new decade comes a new focus for Close on materials and sustainability. In 2020 less is definitely more!

With the launch of innovative lower impact fabrics and materials that are better for the planet across the Pop-in range, parents will have more reason than even to Pop-in rather than dispose!

Our new 2020 endangered Pop-in collections will be made using RPET, a low impact polyester material that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. So now when someone chooses to Pop-in they will not only be diverting nappies from landfill but also water bottles too! Each Pop-in nappy will divert 2 1/2 water bottles, a beach suit 6 and a playmat a staggering 12 water bottles.!

Someone choosing to use Pop-in full time will be diverting 50 plastic bottles from landfill and considering that globally we throw away more than a million plastic bottles a minute that’s no small thing! Recycling in this way will not only keep plastic out of landfill, it also greatly reduces the greenhouse gas and carbon emissions impact and requires less overall energy to produce the new product too, helping to conserve natural resources.