Meet Karina the inspiration behind 'FIESTA'

This time last year, some of you I am sure will remember we hosted a competition offering Close Parents and Pop-in fans far and wide, the chance to design a print and have it made into a nappy. The theme set was Halloween. We had hundreds of amazing entries from around the globe and you voted in the hundreds hundreds and decided on a vibrant design by Karina Garrido, one of our Mexican Pop-in Mums. This design aptly named by our community as ‘Fiesta’ brings together old and new traditions, celebrated closely together by families all over Mexico in the Autumn. We have taken Karina’s inspo and vision, and added that ‘Pop-in’ look feel and ended up with this gorgeous and vibrant carnival feel print.

Hear first-hand from Karina on why she entered, why she loves Pop-In, the inspiration behind Fiesta, as well as her experience of being part of this process.

'Hello my name is Karina Garrido I live in Mexico City with with my husband Diego and my two little ones Diego and Marina.'

'We are deeply involved in the cloth community here and taking care of our planet, that's how I was introduced to Pop-in. I quickly fell in love with the designs and functionality.'

When the contest to design a print was announced last year I was excited to be able to share a little of my own culture with the rest of the cloth world through a nappy.

I wanted a nappy design full of colour, with a backdrop of cultural tradition and catrinas that celebrated the important holiday we call “Día de los Muertos” or Day of the dead here in Mexico whilst also acknowledging Halloween.

"Fiesta" is a print that unites two cultures, here in Mexico we honour the old traditions, but families have also made new ones, at Halloween we also dress our children up and go trick or treating together. Both of these festivals are all about family time and are full of love and color. for me this print represents what this time is all about.

Throughout the journey, the Close Parent team have been great, involving me in the creative process and decisions about this beautiful print, they really made me feel part of their Close family which has only made me love the brand more. I will always be grateful to them for this experience.
When I saw the design and final product, it was like a dream come true, it is beautiful, full of colour and history, it is a product that was made with love and has been a real team effort. I think it perfectly represents the fusion of these two beautiful traditions. I am very excited, proud and grateful to have been involved. It has been a great pleasure to be part of "Fiesta" I hope you love it!

Fiesta will be available to pre-order with our new Autumn Winter prints from Monday 11.10.21 from 9 AM and we hope to be able to ship before the end of the month so save the date as stock is limited!


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