7 Sustainable Habits for the Whole Family

 Reusable Nappies and Beyond...

Let’s start on a high note! According to 2021’s WRAP Recycling Tracker Report, households with little ones under 12 years old are more likely to recycle than those with older children. Yep, that’s you!

Give yourself a pat on the back – amongst the craziness of school runs, sleep deprivation, and crayon-covered walls, you’re part of the generation that’s making the world a greener place.

We’ll let you in on a secret; living sustainably doesn’t need to be expensive and time-consuming. At Team Close we understand that you need to balance your desire to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, with the nitty gritty of family life.


Sustainable Living is Possible for Your Family

During Zero Waste Week 2021, we discussed the 5 ‘R’s’ to becoming more sustainable.

These 5 ‘R’s’ have inspired millions of people to reduce their waste. The Close Parent community got involved, sharing with us their funniest zero-waste disasters on Instagram! But, we missed something crucial; that often forgotten 6th ‘R’, Re-think.

Re-thinking your habits is the key to making sustainable living possible.

100% zero-waste living might be unrealistic for most of us. However, viewing your life through zero-waste glasses will help you make significant changes that will benefit your family and the planet.


Re-thinking Your Lifestyle

Re-thinking your way of life takes time. There’s no quick fix for sustainability. Scientists say it takes at least 2 months to form a new habit. Why not start today?

We suggest breaking your sustainability goals into small daily tasks. Over time, these changes will significantly reduce the amount of waste you accumulate. Soon, sustainable choices will feel second nature.

To make things simple, we’ve given a sustainability focus to each day of the week. Re-thinking your habits in a slow and considered way is how your family will build long-lasting, world changing practices.

Start Your Zero Waste Journey, 1 Day at a Time

Washing Machine Monday 

Re-think the power of your washing machine. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling a beautifully clean reusable nappy off of the washing line. Once you’re comfortable with cloth nappies, you’ll be open to reusing almost anything!

On Mondays, choose 1 single-use item to wash and use again.

You could try:

  • Close Pop-in reusable nappies - a 60°C wash will keep them pristine!
  • Launderable mop heads - old towels, muslins, or t-shirts are perfect for using as mops. Fold a clean rag over a cuban mop for a zero-waste cleaning tool.

Feeling brave? Reusable baby wipes make great toilet paper! Family cloth is becoming increasingly well-accepted.

Tuesday is Bin-Day

Re-think recycling. What you can put into recycling bins is often limited. On Tuesdays, research where to recycle 1 tricky item.

Superdrug recycle medicine packets, electrical products, and batteries – right on your Highstreet!

On Wednesdays, We Reuse Plastic 

Re-think ‘single-use’ plastic. We’re all guilty of having some single-use plastic in our lives, but we can lessen the negative impact by repurposing it.

On Wednesdays, reuse 1 ‘single-use’ item in your home.

Our suggestions:

Share your ideas with us on  Instagram!

Say ‘NO!’ to Freebies Thursday 

Re-think the cost of a freebie to the planet. When offered a complimentary item, ask yourself, ‘do I really need this?’

Bea Johnson says that one of the keys to zero-waste living is ‘preventing waste coming into our home in the first place.’

On Thursday, say ‘no thanks’ to 1 freebie.

Try these simple swaps:

A significant discount is applied when using a reusable cup (instead of disposable) in your favourite highstreet cafes.

Food Waste Friday 

Re-think food waste. Globally, ⅓ of all food is wasted. Food waste in landfill emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which contributes towards global warming. The solution? Composting!

You don’t even need a garden to compost your food scraps. On Fridays, get your kids involved in making this natural fertiliser. Check out the amazing Composting 101: Making Composting Understandable For Kids [A Complete Guide] by Kristine Barret.

If composting isn’t your thing, download the Too Good To Go app! Choose a Friday family treat in the form of reduced price, unused food from businesses near you. 

Shop Small Saturday 

Re-think shopping. For almost everything you buy, there’s an independent business selling a beautiful alternative. Eco-conscious parents have many choices; from reusable nappies to wooden toys, clothing rentals to locally grown produce

On Saturdays, shop with 1 sustainable brand.


Secondhand Sunday 

Re-think secondhand goods. If an item already exists in the world, why buy new? Secondhand items are usually in fantastic condition and are the first choice for thrifty parents. Or why not rent? Renting is gaining in popularity thanks to companies like The Little Loop ,in fact this fall Close will join the many great clothing and babygear brands they offer. 

On Sundays choose 1 item to give to, or obtain from, a friend or stranger via Freegle.


Begin Your Sustainability Journey

Join our community of eco-conscious parents by making 1 swap to reusables. This Zero-Waste week we are giving you up to 40% off and an extra 5% at checkout when you spend over £60. 

Are you in? 

Click below to stay in touch with us and shop our incredible Zero waste offers!

Yes! I'm ready to start my sustainability journey today.

 Repeat this weekly routine until reducing your family’s waste feels natural. 


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