Toilet Training with Cloth Alternatives

It feels like only yesterday since my Son’s arrival but somehow saw him turn 26 months old over the weekend just gone. His speech and language and overall development have come on leaps and bounds over the last few months and with that he has shown some of the signs of toilet training readiness like telling either me or Daddy (his Dad) that he is going ‘poo poo’ a good few minutes before he eventually goes in his nappy, knows what the toilet is for and takes an interest in watching whenever we need to use the bathroom.

Using the above signs as an indicator that he may just be ready, I have decided to trial toilet training with cloth alternatives with the help of using these fab Close Parent products . These include….

Potty essentials

Of course my other half and I will be adopting a child led approach to toilet training and will only go as fast or slow as little Eco wants to. The last thing I want to happen is force this new routine upon him where he becomes traumatised resulting developing fear and anxiety over the whole process and potentially delaying him further.

We are very much in the very early stages of toilet training Eco so our approach so far has been introducing 30 minutes a day in his daytime training pants after his afternoon bath (used with an additional general booster insert) so he gets used to different feeling of being in pull up style ‘big boy’ pants whilst taking them on and off.

Potty training photo

I LOVE how soft the training pants  feel, giving me huge comfort that Eco will be comfortable when wearing them and are made to mimic the functions of a disposable pull up with elasticated waist.

As little Eco has been in cloth nappies  since birth I am keen to make the next transition as smooth as possible so see the close parent day and night time training pants a natural step to invest before buying normal cotton pants whilst he learns to listen and be in tune with his own bodily functions to successfully deposit a wee or poo in the potty / toilet seat.

Do check back in few months time to see how little Eco has progressed (if at all) in mastering the huge milestone that is potty training. I also hope to provide you beautiful people with some helpful tips and share what approaches has and has not worked for us as we would have been further along in our journey.


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Toilet Training with Cloth Alternatives