4th Trimester Babywearing! With Emma Porter

As a new mum you spend so much of your pregnancy imagining that bundle in your arms. That warm, soft, loving bundle. You see your friends with babies and you can't fathom how they say 'I don't even have a second to myself'. Your little miracle arrives and suddenly the realisation hits. 
You suddenly become a milking, burping, cuddling, consoling, crying, wailing, winding, wiping, laughing, healing, awe struck machine. You sit for longer than you've ever sat before. You drink stone cold tea, eat at strange times and even stranger meals.
You can no longer give your other child a two armed cuddle. But the euphoria of being a mummy for the first time, second time etc is unbreakable.
But then, you try a sling and your world changes. Mine did anyway. With my first daughter, by the time I tried her in a sling she was several weeks old and had had to endure life saving surgery. She did not want to be in it, not for a second. She pushed away from me and screamed. I couldn't get the positioning of the sling I was using right. It was big, bulky, with a million straps and clips and it was all too stressful.
However, this time round I wore my daughter in a Caboo sling from as soon as we were out of hospital and have done each day since. She soothes in it in seconds and sleeps in it for at least one of her naps each day. 
It has given me the ability to cuddle my 3 yr old (with both arms!), bake with her, do crafts and use a knife AND fork. Revelation. Going to the loo is even possible! Such a comfy and soft sling, made with 100% cotton that feels safe and secure. Other slings I have hurt my back and just don't feel right but because this one is simply just material with a couple or ring adjusters, it moulds to your shape and body and cacoons your baby from birth, perfectly. 
It is easy to put on and take off and it covers my arms (bonus), which made the early days with skin on skin in January warmer and less exposing. I can breastfeed her in it too. 
She had her 16 week immunisations last week and 12 hours later her temperature started to rise. Suddenly my happy, gurgling, cooing darling was a screaming, screeching, unable to sooth 'darling'. We had given her the necessary calpol, fed her, cuddled her, kept her cool. But nothing was working. So I popped on my sling and slid her in it. Her screams soothed and she fell fast asleep for 1.5 hrs. It's the best 'non medicine' you could buy! Lunch was made for my older daughter, cookies were baked, another rainbow was painted and popped in the window. 
If you are looking to wear your baby, then I can't recommend this sling enough. I suffered with spd from about 5 months and I find I still have pelvic and hip pain. Some of the clip based slings exacerbate this pain but the softness of the caboo is very effortless and has caused me no added pain. 
I absolutely love wearing Clemmie, all thanks to the Caboo. 

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4th Trimester Babywearing! With Emma Porter